Cycling Goggles OAKLEY EVZero

Cycling Goggles OAKLEY EVZero

the brand Oakley has released the new model of Sunglass es EVZero with which the rider can go out to train having a great comfort. Oakley EVZero Cycling sunglasses are a very light element because it only weigh s 24 grams, which will provide the rider with great comfort and visibility during training.

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The new sun glass es Oakley EVZero, have been elaborated with the intention that the rider can go out to train with the maximum performance. This model of Oakley cycling sunglasses has been manufactured by using Glass to air along with the best materials and the highest quality. Because of this, the biker will have the best visibility during the workouts. The new Three-POIMT Fit Technology of these Oakley brand sunglasses will help keep lenses optically aligned, thus eliminating the pressure exerted on the ears.

Features Sunglasses Oakley EVZero

  • High visibility quality.
  • Glass-to-airdesign.
  • Great protectionsystem.
  • It doesn't exert pressure on the ears.
  • High level of lightness with only 24 grams.

What do we know about the OAKLEY brand?

Oakley It is a company originating in North America that was founded in 1975 by James Jannard which had an initial investment of 300 dollars and is dedicated to the design and manufacture of sports and fashion equipment. Among its wide range of products we can find sun glasses, ski/snowboard goggles, watches, clothes, backpacks, shoes and other accessories. Oakley currently has more than 600 Patents for goggles, materials and performance equipment and has become a Mark of Excellence and rename and the solution to the challenges faced by the cyclist s who want to perform a training with a Excellent performance .

the brand Oakley It was a before and after at the time of practicing sport thanks to the introduction of the use of the sunglasses. This prestigious company, used previous innovations to create the Eyeshades ®; The design of this product was the beginning of an evolution in the goggles that became a vital equipment at the time of Practicing sport and the sun does not disturb.

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