Sunglasses MTB 100% SPEEDCRAFT SL and LL

Sunglasses MTB 100% SPEEDCRAFT SL and LL

Cycling Sunglasses 100% Speedcraft SL/LL

For the new season, the prestigious brand of cycling products 100% has released the new sunglasses Speedcraft SL. The new Speedcraft are the ideal accessory for all cyclists, especially for the mountain biking/MTB/mountain bike/MOUNTAIN BICYCLEmodality.

The sun glasses Speedcraft SL/LL have been elaborated with the intention of satisfying to the maximum the user, therefore they have a great lightness that added to its minimalist design will make of them the top sales for this 2018. These new cycling sunglasses of the brand 100% have been manufactured with a semi circular shape that will provide the rider with better ventilation of the lens so that it does not fogging and is free of mist. In addition, the shape of the mount of these sunglasses will increase the eye protection as well as a perfect fastening of the goggles on the user's head.

The sideburns of these sunglasses of the mark 100% together with the nasal point are notable for their great comfort and the non-slip tips of the cranksets. Sunglasses 100% Speedcraft lenses will provide excellent vision: clear and accurate. TopView technology allows you to have a perfect vertical view in race/competition. The crystals of these cycling sunglasses that present the brand 100%, are water and oil repellent s with the aim of obtaining lenses that are easy to clean.

For a greater visual comfort of the user when using the sunglasses 100% Speedcraft when training with the bicycle, they have been made with anti lenses.

The new sunglasses 100% Speedcraft presents different versions taking into account the size of the lenses. The SL lenses of the Speedcraft glasses differ from the LL lenses because the first have a shorter profile and a more compact nasal bridge than the Speedcraft LL.

Features cycling sunglasses 100% Speedracft SL/LL

  • Tips of the sideburns and non-slip nasal bridge.
  • High level of comfort.
  • Minimalist design.
  • semicircular shape of the mount to achieve perfect ventilation of the lens.
  • They will keep the rider's eyes protected at all times.
  • SL Lenses (short lens) and LL (long lens) according to size.
  • Anti Polycarbonate lenses and simple to clean.
  • Clear and precise vision.
  • Protection 100% against UV
  • Available Colors: pink, red, grey, orange, yellow, blue, green

What do we know about the 100% brand?

The prestigious brand 100% is a company very related always with everything that surrounds the world of motocross. Over time, the mark 100% has been interacting more and more with the Ciclsimo to reach the mark as we know it today. 100% was created at the beginning of the years 80 when its particular and famous logo adorned the great teams of motocross.

Currently, 30 years later, 100% inspires a new generation of runners.

The American brand 100% manufactures its products using high-end materials in a way that guarantees the cyclist the best functionality and quality of vision.

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Sunglasses MTB 100% SPEEDCRAFT SL and LL / 100%

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