VPD POC Hydration Pack Backpacks-back protector

VPD POC Hydration Pack Backpacks-back protector
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The Swedish brand POC introduces us to its new line of hydration packs, the VPD .0 Spine and we can find them of 15, 16 and 25 litre s of capacity. This model of hydration packs, incorporates a protection in the back that will guarantee the rider the best safety during the training with the bicycle, in addition to a great comfort.

These VPD spineHydration packs have been made by covering the outer part with durable fabric.

POC VPD .0 Spine Hydration Pack-Backpack 15L

The POC VPD .0 Spine 15LHydration Backpack is the smallest model of the VPD Spine as it has a capacity of 15 liters of storage.


The new POC VPD .0 Spine 15LHydration Backpack has a dorsal protection system made using VPD .0, which is removable. The back has been coated with a mud-repellent fabric that will contribute to a faster and easier cleaning of the backpack. The fastening strap that it incorporates will help the rider to have the best fit of the backpack so that it does not become edged during the outings with the bicycle and that the cyclist has the utmost comfort.

The POC VPD .0 Spine 15L Hydration Backpack incorporates a padded pocket where the user can store sensitive items such as the phone, a pocket that fits a full-length helmet and other mesh cavities Elastic. This model has independent pockets for the dorsal, hydration system, tool kit, tubes and bowler. The POC-branded spine backpack is compatible with hydration systems.

POC VPD .0 Spine hdyration Backpack 16L

The main and most notable difference between the POC VPD .0 spine 16L Hydration Backpack with the smallest POC Model VPD .0 Spine 15L, is that the 16L has a liter more capacity, but instead it doesn't have pockets Mesh exteriors.

POC VPD .0 Spine hydration pack-Backpack 25L

The POC VPD .0 spine 25L Hydration Backpack is the largest model of this linia of VPD of the POC brand as it has a 25 litre capacity. As the main difference with its previous model, the spine 16L, is that the 25 liters, besides being bigger, has mesh pockets as the model 15L, but also incorporates a pocket with zipper with the strap of Fixing to the size.

The three models of backpacks have ergonomic and solid levers, as well as the protection on the dorsal part.

What do we know about the POC brand?

POC is a Swedish company dedicated to the manufacture of cycling products. This brand is being consolidated in the market although it takes only 10 years. POC was founded in 2005 and was facing the manufacture of ski helmets. Later, at the Turin Winter Olympics, held in 2006, skier Julia Mancuso won the gold medal wearing a helmet and POCgoggles. The photos were published all over the world and it was there that POC decided to develop protection products as well but for other sports such as Freeski, snowboarding and mountain biking.

In addition, this Swedish company has the mission "todo everything possible to save lives and reduce the consequences of the accidents of the athletes of sports of gravity and cyclists".

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