Osprey Viper Hydration Backpacks-5, 9 and 13 liters storage.

Osprey Viper Hydration Backpacks-5, 9 and 13 liters storage.

The Osprey Brand presents its new series of hydration packs designed especially for cycling. This new range of backpacks is named Viper and we can find Viper 5, Viper 9 and Viper 13.

Osprey VIPER 5 Hydration Backpacks

The new Viper 5 hydration Backpack from the prestigious Ospreybrand is the simplest model in the Viper range. However, it can be said that it has excellent features that will help the cyclist to perform the best training with his bike.

In the back of the backpack, we find a foam-foam panel with a bio stretch harness that will keep the rider cool during its outing with the bike. The pockets with zipper s that it incorporates, are ideal to store in them sunglasses or electronic accessories because when it has been elaborated by anti-grated fabric, the objects stored in them will not be miscarried.

For better visibility of the cyclist, it has been added to the hydration backpack, some reflective bands with the purpose that it can be seen more easily by the other users of the route during nocturnal routes or in days that do not There's a lot of lighting. In order to keep the rider well hydrated, this Ospreybrand Hydration Backpack has a litre hydraulic reserve. In the inner part of the backpack we find an organizer compartment and a clamping ring to make it easier for the rider to find the keys.

A compression pockethas been added to the front of the Viper 5 hydration backpack. This excellent hydration backpack has a removable waist belt of 20 mm and another for the pectoral area that has a buckle with magnet. The side areas of the Osprey backpack have been added compression straps.

  • Weight: 0.44 kg.

Osprey VIPER 9 Hydration Packs

The prestigious Ospreybrand Viper 9 Hydration Backpack has the same characteristics as its predecessor, the Viper 5 but with only one apparent difference. The new Viper 9has a 3 litre hydraulic reserve, while the Viper 5 has a capacity of litres.

  • Weight: 0.50 kg.

Osprey VIPER 13 Hydration Packs

The Osprey brand new hydration Pack Viper 13 has the novelty of incorporating a side compression compartment, which means that the load will be safe, even in the hardest conditions.

  • Weight: 0.55 kg.

Expert opinion

The Osprey brand new Hydration Backpack Series is made up of the Viper 5, Viper 9 and Viper 13models. These models will help the rider to go out and train with the bike in a totally comfortable way.

What do we know about the Osprey brand?

in the words of the founder and head of design for the Osprey brand, Mike Pfotenhauer: " My philosophy is that I enjoy life much more if I am surrounded by the things that I have created myself. I understand much more about what surrounds me and I connect better with my environment. "

It was precisely the love of creating products and useful things for me and my friends, that I introduced myself in this business. I started creating bags and backpacks for Santa Cruz and was finally recently licensed and it was when I started believing in creating my own brand"

Why buy Osprey backpacks?

The Osprey Backpack Manufacturing Guarantee: The Great Osprey brand ensures that it guarantees all of its products against defects in workmanship and materials throughout the life of the product.

If any manufacturing fault or defect is detected, the user may contact Osprey and they will examine the case and in the case where the use has been adequate, they ensure that the product is repaired or replaced.

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