Osprey Verve Mountain Hydration Backpack-woman

Osprey Verve Mountain Hydration Backpack-woman

The Osprey Verve Hydration Backpack has been designed especially for the anatomy and needs of the femalebody.

Features of Osprey Verve hydration Backpack for women

  • It is the most compact female backpack of the Osprey brand and is specially designed for ride rs that require more freedom of movement. In addition to being designed for women is a "shorter" backpack in height to spread the load better along the female back.
  • It has been manufactured in different sizes and in different colors to cover all the needs of an enduro/all mountain/DH hydration Backpack for women.
  • With an exterior pocket specially designed to carry the fullface helmet or enduro/MTB and with enough compartments to ensure that you can take with you during your bike outing everything you need in the most orderly way possible.

What do we have to do with the Osprey brand?

In the words of the founder and head of design for the Osprey brand, Mike Pfotenhauer: "my philosophy is that I enjoy life much more if I am surrounded by the things that I have created myself. I understand much more about what surrounds me and I connect better with my environment.

It was precisely the love of creating products and useful things for me and my friends, that I introduced myself in this business. I started creating bags and backpacks for Santa Cruz and was finally recently licensed and it was when I started believing in creating my own brand"

Why buy Osprey backpacks?

The Osprey Backpack Manufacturing Guarantee: The Great Osprey brand ensures that it guarantees all of its products against defects in workmanship and materials throughout the life of the product.

If any manufacturing fault or defect is detected, the user may contact Osprey and they will examine the case and in the case where the use has been adequate, they ensure that the product is repaired or replaced.


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