MAVIC Crossmax 5, 8.5, 15 and 25 litre hydration backpacks-/

MAVIC Crossmax 5, 8.5, 15 and 25 litre hydration backpacks-/

Cycling Moisturizing Backpack Mavic Crossmax :5, 8.5, 15 and 25 litres

The prestigious Mavic cycling brand has released 4 versions of its Crossmax hydration backpack in different sizes: 5, 8.5, 15 and 25 litres. The new Crossmax hydration packs that the Mavic brand has brought to the market, are very stable models that will guarantee the cyclist the best comfort during the outings with the bike.

New Crossmax Hydration Backpack 15 liters-Mavic

This version of the Mavic Crossmax 25 litre hydration backpack is ideal for long-term routes/ journeys with the bike (including several days). The adjustment system how, along with the sternum tensor, will help to achieve greater stability and freedom of movement. The climate Flow ventilation system increases the comfort on the bike.

The dorsal restraint system is based on a padded belt that, in addition to keeping the backpack well attached to the body, will do so without causing any inconvenience during pedaling.

In the front area, we find 4 zipped compartments in the area of the suspenders. Besides, the other pockets Ditribuidos by the backpack will help the rider to have the accessories and spare parts well organized. In order to protect what the rider stores in the backpack, it has incorporated a cover that will prevent your belongings from spoiling in bad weather days

To provide the rider with greater safety, this backpack incorporates a small survival kit (a pipsqueak/whistle and a thermal blanket).

Mavic Crosmax Hydration Backpack 15 liters

This Mavic brand hydration backpack incorporates a litre water bag of f-Hydrapack. For the rider's comfort, it has also been added a helmet holder.

The different pockets scattered around the backpack will allow the cyclist to be able to keep everything he needs for his outings with the MTB/mountain bike in an easy, quick andeasy way.

Mavic Crossmax 8.5 Liters Hydration Backpack

The essential technologies at the time of Disñar this hydration backpack have been:

  • climate Flow: It is responsible for providing good management of internal air flows to ensure the best comfort to the rider.
  • 420D RIPSTOP: We find it in the waterproof, light and sturdy external fabric.

Bag with hydration system Mavic Crossmax 5 litres

This backpack stands out mainly by four factors:

  • It guarantees to the rider a great freedom of movements and stability on the bicycle. The minimalist straps they incorporate provide excellent comfort during the ride.
  • Easy Access to the objects stored in the different front compartments of the backpack. In addition the tool pocket of the main pocket you facilitrará have everything well organized. In a separate section we find the hydration bag.
  • Excellent air Flow Management (continuous) through the climate flow system

What do we know about the Mavic brand?

Since 1889 Mavic has worked on the development of its fabrics and materials to offer high performance products for all cyclists covering all the modalities of cycling: road Cycling, MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE (mountain bike)...

Mavic is a French cycling brand, for the bike, with a renowned track record in the market where you value your experience and the quality of your bicycle wheels (tires such as Mavic Crossmax are the best known and most seen in cycling of mountain bike Competition for example).

After more than 125 years of innovation, the Mavic brand is one of the few brands capable of equipping from head to toe (footwear, socks, trousers/shorts, jerseys/sweaters, gloves and helmet) to road and mountain cyclists.

In the search engine of CoreBicycle you can see all the equipment and accessories of the brand Mavic and with the filters of the searcher you can find at the best price any part or component: Road and mountain bike wheels with the latest tires Fitted with tyres, also for mountain bike and cycling road pants, sweaters, clipless pedal cycling cycling shoes s and many others...

It is very easy to identify Mavic products, as over time, this prestigious brand has maintained its famous yellow logo.

The range has grown year after year and now offers products for all levels and all practices.
Mavic is a quality product guarantee that meets all the requirements.

* Core Sport Team Company S.L. is not responsible for the failures in the technical specifications or any other nature that affects the products. Check with the final store before making your purchase.


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