Leatt 3DF Enduro Lite Hydration backpack with 2017 - 2018 back protector

Leatt 3DF Enduro Lite Hydration backpack with 2017 - 2018 back protector

From the hand of the prestigious brand Leatt we get a new model of hydration backpack. With the new hydration backpack Enduro Lite .0 the rider will be able to go out to train/compete with all the necessary things to perform the best performance training and in a comfortable way. The strongest point of this backpack is that it incorporates the back protector with 3DF technology patented by Leatt.

The new hydration backpack Leatt 3DF Enduro Lite .0, stands out for its lightness at the same time as stiffness. With this element the rider will be able to perform the best training with the maximum protection.

The hydration backpack 3DF Enduro Lite .0, has been elaborated with the best materials and of the highest quality so that the biker has, with this element, the maximum satisfaction. In addition, thanks to the Multi-impact protective panel that incorporates, the rider will not have to worry about his safety. The strap that incorporates in the chest area will make the backpack, a very solid element that will not disturb you when you are on the bike.

The outer cover is waterproof and light, in addition to thermo-sealed to prevent water from penetrating and can misplace what the rider has stored inside. The total capacity of the backpack is 5 litre s and the capacity of the hydraulic tank is litres.

The different pockets that the hydration backpack has scattered around the surface of the helmet, will serve the cyclist to be able to store the tools to perform the best workouts.

World Thallium, the distributor of Leatt for Spain, presents us the main features of the collection of protections of 2017:


Features hydration backpack LEATT 3DF ENDURO LITE .0 2017

  • Total capacity of 5 liters of backpack Leatt 3DF Enduro Lite .0.
  • capacity liters hydraulic tank backpack Leatt 3DF Enduro Lite .0
  • It stands out for its lightness and stiffness.
  • Multi-impact protective Panel to keep rider safe during workouts.
  • Waterproof outer cover.
  • Sealed zipper.
  • Built-in AirLine ventilation system for greater rider comfort.
  • Different pockets to store the necessary tools when it comes to train with the bicycle.
  • full suspension outlet of the hydration tube.


Expert opinion

If you want a hydration backpack that allows you to perform the best cycling training, besides having a great lightness and an excellent protection system, the Leatt 3DF Enduro Lite .0 is the model you were waiting for.


What do we know about the LEATT brand?

The Leatt brand has its beginnings in 2001 when Dr. Chris Leatt, a week after his son began riding, witnessed the death of his partner Alan Selby. Following this fateful accident, he began to design the first protective collars. It was three years later, in 2004, that Dr. Leatt sold the first element in South Africa.

In the year 2009, Leatt received the SAMIA Award for achieving exceptional security in its products.

Leatt In addition to producing protective collars, has among its product range a wide variety of safety elements such as helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, gloves or even hydration packs.

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Leatt 3DF Enduro Lite Hydration backpack with 2017 - 2018 back protector / Leatt

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