Hydration backpack with back protector Leatt DBX Enduro Lite .0 2017/2018 /

Hydration Backpack Leatt Enduro Lite .0

The brand Leatt has released for this new year 2017 the new Hydration Backpack Enduro Lite .0, a model with integrated back protector and ideal for practicing extreme modalities of mountain biking. The CleanTeach hydraulic tank with which this hydration backpack has a capacity of litre s to keep the rider hydrated during the outings with the MTB bicycle. The total capacity of the backpack is 7 liters (5 + ) so you can store the accessories, components and everything you need to go out and train safely.

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The adjustment system that incorporates the Enduro Lite .0 Hydration Backpack is based on a unique chest harness that ensures a good grip on the biker's body during the outings with the bike. This Leatt brand Backpack features a AirLine rear panel that will provide proper ventilation of the rider's body.

The new hydration Backpack Leatt Enduro Lite .0 has a reinforced pocket to be able to keep in it the necessary tools when going out to train/compete with the MTB bicycle.

Features hydration backpack Leatt Enduro Lite .0

  • High quality hydration backpack very light and resistant.
  • incorporates multi-impact back protector.
  • CleanTech Hydraulic tank litres.
  • Storage capacity: 5 litres.
  • Restraint system by means of a chest harness.
  • Reinforced pocket to store the tools.
  • Rear vent Panel.

Leatt DBX Enduro/Mountain Lite .0 Hydration Backpack

The bag of hydration DBX Enduro/Mountain Lite .0 is the smallest version of the Enduro Lite .0.

The main difference between the Leatt Enduro Lite .0 and the DBX Enduro/Mountain Lite .0 backpack is mainly the storage capacity. The Enduro Lite version .0 has a total capacity of 7 liters ( liters of hydration and 5 of storage capacity) and instead the DBX Enduro/Mountain Lite .0 is smaller because it only has 3 liters of total capacity (1 litre of Storage and hydration).

The DBX Enduro/Mountain Lite .0 Leatt brand backpack has a rear aeration panel. In addition, this backpack also incorporates a back protector to increase rider safety by going out to train with the MTB bike.

What do we know about the Leatt brand?

LEATT is a prestigious brand created in the year 2001 and headquartered in Cape Town. This company is mainly dedicated to the design and manufacture of protection s for the practice of cycling, motorcycling.

We found the beginnings of the brand Leatt in the year 2001 when Chris Leatt witnessed the death of a colleague of his son, a week after he began to ride. Following this fateful accident, he began to design the first neck braces. It was three years later, in 2004 that Dr. Leatt sold the first neck brace in South Africa.

In 2008, the LEATT laboratory was officially created and was listed as one of the most important in the world. A year later, the Leatt brand received the SAMIA Award for greater protection in its products.

Leatt In addition to producing protective collars, has among its range of products a wide variety of safety elements such as helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, gloves or even hydration packs.

The expansion of new security products has led the LEATT company to be awarded the magazine MOUNTAINBIKE as "BEST of".

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