EVOC hydration Backpack with back Protector - freeride enduro Team

EVOC hydration Backpack with back Protector - freeride enduro Team

The important brand EVOC introduces us to its new models of hydration packs. These, we can find them in different capacities and sizes, with the aim that the rider can choose the one that best suits him. With the new hydration packs of the brand EVOC, the cyclist will have all the necessary elements to be able to go out and train with the bike with the best comfort.

Features of EVOC hydration backpack

The new model of hydration packs that the brand EVOC has brought to the market, is a perfect element for the riders to go out to train with total freedom and comfort. With the Evoc Hydration Backpack, the cyclist will be able to train with the maximum performance as in addition, this model, has been designed with low weight and a high level of aeration. In this way, the cyclist will have the utmost comfort.

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The Enduro hydration backpack that has developed the brand EVOC, has different compartments so that the cyclist can store what he needs. Between these pockets, we find one so that the rider can keep his mobile phone and the sun glass es as it will keep them protected during the outings with the bike.

With this new model of hydration backpack, the cyclist will be able to store the tools in a special pocket, as well as being able to store the keys with a clip so that at the end of the training it is easier to find them.

We find the new hydration packs of the brand Evoc, in different capacities and sizes that are understood between 3 cc and 16 cc.

Expert opinion: EVOC hydration Backpack with back Protector

The new Evoc hydration packsare a key element that all cyclists must have with them in order to perform the best workouts and with the best comfort and protection.

What do we know about the EVOC brand?

EVOC is a backpack brand specializing in extreme sports.

EVOC was launched as a company years ago when its founders, the brand's founders, began to imagine and create backpacks that would cover their own needs. His idea is to manufacture high quality backpacks that are very functional and so they did. The last thing a pilot can doubt is about the quality of his team. It wasn't long before other pilots asked for their products, and what started as an idea, I end up becoming a company with time.

Evoc Hydration packs - comfort and protection

The EVOC backpacks are specially designed for the most demanding athletes: with special storage pockets, back protectors, of various sizes and models and especially with different capacities of internal hydration bags and with Special "hitches" for the helmet and/or protections of the riders.

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