New Endura Mt500 Enduro hydration Backpack

New Endura Mt500 Enduro hydration Backpack

The prestigious brand of Endura cycling material has released the new model MT500 hydration Backpack which has been designed to be used in cycling. This brand new Endura backpack model has been specially designed for off-piste cyclist s as it will provide them with the utmost comfort, as well as an excellent level of ventilation.

The main novelty that incorporates the new Endura MT500 Hydration Backpack is the Protector Koroyd EOP 1.0, which has the function of spine so that in case of accident, the rider has the best security and therefore suffer The minimum of injuries. This protection integrated into the Endura MT500Cycling backpack, has perspiration and lightness properties to guarantee the rider maximum comfort. In addition, it has the level N º of protection, codified as en1621-. The construction of hollow tubes will guarantee the rider an excellent level of protection even in extreme temperatures, both high and low, while maintaining the minimum weight and volume.

The new Endura MT500 Cycling Hydration Backpack has a total capacity of 15 liters of storage so that the rider can keep in it everything necessary to be able to perform the best workouts with total comfort and with the maximum Performance. The Endura MT500 backpack is compatible with a 3 litre hydration system of capacity. In addition, the wide range of internal pockets with which it has, will offer the rider the ability to keep everything you want so that it doesn't take a lot of time to find what you want during your workouts. The removable tool roll will give the biker an extra confidence because it will be able to fix small damages during workouts.

This new MT500 hydration backpack that has launched the Endura brand, has the possibility of storing an fullface helmet. In addition, this model of cycling backpack has the adjustable QR strap s that have a rear shock, improving the flexibility and capacity to increase the luggage.


Features Cycling moisturizing Backpack ENDURA MT500

  • Total Capacity: 15 litres.
  • Thanks to the minimum weight and volume of the Endura MT500 backpack, this will be very easy to lever.
  • High level of back protection even in extremely high temperatures.
  • Protector Koroyd EOP 1.0 in the spine area.
  • Excellent level of ventilation.
  • Compatible with 3 litrehydration system.
  • Wide range of compartments and pockets spread across the backpack's surface so that the rider can keep everything he needs to perform the best workouts.
  • The Endura MT500 backpack will provide the rider with the highest level of comfort during workouts.
  • Possibility to store the fullface Helmet shell.
  • Adjustable Strap s QR with Pad.


Expert opinion

The Endura Cycling Backpack will provide the rider with maximum comfort when performing the training.


What do we know about the ENDURA brand?

Endura is a relatively young brand. It was created in the year 1992. Its creator was Jim McFarlane cyclist by vocation. The main reason why he decided to create his own brand has no waste.

It turns out that Jim spent 14 months residing in Australia where he practiced triathlon. One day he was robbed of his equipment and had to buy new cycling clothes. As much as he sought he was not able to find comfortable and quality clothes. So when he returned to his native Scotland he created the Endurabrand. Jim forms his company to ensure that his clothing and accessories are of high quality making all his products in the factory itself and also enjoys the best possible critics.

Its workers, at all levels of the company, are mainly cyclist s and they are in charge of tasting in the humid and cold places of Scotland the quality of each new product.

The first creation of clothing for cycling was the MT500 range that had shorts, jerseys and socks. He quickly convinced the British market and was a sales success.

Since then Endura has not stopped growing as the first brand in cycling clothing in the UK and starting to win market in Europe, Canada, Australia and the Orient. Without a doubt all the products that Endura launches to the market are the guarantee of acquiring high quality accessories and unbeatable features.

At the present time to carry out all the Endura sport wear-clothing uses the best technology of the market and as example to highlight the following components:

  • Merino Wool BaaBaa: In its purest form for warm ranges and socks
  • Coolmax Fabric: Breathable to keep the body dry.
  • Kevlar: For parts with more abrasion
  • Meryl fabric: Much lighter resistant to wind and rain
  • PTFE membrane: Used in high performance fabrics such as Goretex and eVent
  • Thermolite: To create a hot air insulating layer

Find all the sporting goods available from the Endura brand in the CoreBicycle product searcher.

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