Hip Belt / Hydration backpack Dakine Low Rider - 5 liters MTB/MTB Cycling capacity

Hip Belt / Hydration backpack Dakine Low Rider - 5 liters MTB/MTB Cycling capacity
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BELTING/Hydration Backpack Dakine Low Rider 5l for MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE

The belt Dakine Low Rider 5l is the best option to hydrate cyclists who want a simple bag and not disturb when pedaling. Its use is indicated for short and demanding mountain bike routes , as it is very comfortable and ergonomic. In addition, it stands out for its reduced weight and manufacture with state-of-the-art materials . It is ideal for mountain bike modalities such as: XC, Marathon, All Mountain, Enduro, freeride and DH.

Features hydration backpack Dakine (hip Belt) Low Rider 5l

The Dakine Belt Low Rider design is beautiful and elegant. It has several external and internal com part ments that allow to store large quantities of objects to the pilot. It is worth highlighting your pocket to store your mobile and goggles with inner lining. Its finishes are of high quality and increase the useful life. A 2 litre water bag is added Hydrapak . This contains well the temperature and isolates it from the outside environment. The tube can be attached to the straps and is perfectly guarded when riding a bicycle.

As for the arguments of this fanny pack we can highlight its adapt ability to the body of the rider. By including the Hydrapak water tank in the lumbar, a balance of the pressure in the back is achieved; resulting in the elimination of any discomfort. Besides, this satchel is very breathable. This is due to the inclusion of the Mesh material in the area that is in contact with the back and sides. In this way, with a thin, light -grid fabric, efficient air circulation is permitted. Foam is also included in the area for better padding.

Finally, the adjustment is very precise and comfortable; The straps wrap the abdomen without tightening. In progress, it hardly moves from its initial position and does not lose capacity to exert force on the pedals. If it's not enough, you can save your equipment and belongings.

Other data for the belt Dakine Low Rider 5l:

  • weight: 400 grams.
  • colors: Blue, black, green.
  • Hook and tapes to be able to carry the accessories.


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Hip Belt / Hydration backpack Dakine Low Rider - 5 liters MTB/MTB Cycling capacity / Dakine

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