Hydration backpacks Camelbak Skyline .

 Hydration backpacks Camelbak Skyline .

The Camelbak Skyline is the new MTB hydration backpack that Camelbak brand has released. With this new backpack model, the rider can store everything needed to train in comfort, plus the Skyline will provide maximum stability during descents.

The new hydration backpack Camelbak Skyline, has a total capacity of 10 liters, 3 of which are part of the hydration tank. This backpack from Camelbak brand has a pocket so the rider can store bicycle tools, and a padded compartment to keep the mobile and sunglasses and they do not get scratched.

The numerous pockets that Skyline Camelbak has will help to keep everything the cyclist may need and train in absolute comfort. This hydration backpack has a magnetic tube and a clip to hold the helmet.

In the dorsal area, this model hydration backpack from Camelback brand, has an EVA foam XV panel in multiple layers so that the rider can have a good protection.



  • Total capacity of 10 liters.
  • Hydraulic tank capacity of 3 liters.
  • Pockets to keep bicycle tools, and other objects.
  • Padded compartment to keep safe the mobile phone or sunglasses.
  • Dorsal protection panel.
  • Restraint System in the chest and waist area.



With the multipurpose backpack hydration Camelbak Skyline the rider can store the helmet, mobile phone, bicycle tools as an extra camera, among other things.



CamelBak - hydration backpacks for athletes

The CamelBak brand specializes in design and manufacture hydration backpacks for cycling and for other modalities such as running, that require this type of accessories and / or sports equipment. Staying hydrated is very important in different sports such as cycling and running.

The CamelBak backpacks are manufactured especially for athletes who need to carry, besides water for hydration, small tools or sports nutrition supplements that are necessary for sport practice. Thanks to its large storage capacity and compartments, that all Camelbak hydration backpacks have, riders or runners can carry everything needed in an organized way. Depending on the models you can find breathable fabrics in the harness or the back area or even reflective details on some pieces to help signaling and visualization.

In addition, this great brand, offers a major benefit: the composition of the Camelbak hydration bags, this is the Camelbak hydration reservoirs, it is made 100% with one of the most innovative materials on the market, called BPA-Free. Thus, the plastic composition does not incorporate Bisphenol A, a synthetic estrogen that can harm health and cause hormonal changes.

Maintain proper hydration of the athlete during practice, cycling or running, is a very important health factor and to improved physical performance. Thanks to technology and innovation of big cycling brands like Camelbak all kinds of options to suit the specific needs of each athlete are available.

* Core Team Sport Company S.L. is not responsible for failures in the technical specifications or others that may affect products. Consultation with the final store before making your purchase.


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