Garmin lights that automatically adjust-front and rear

Garmin lights that automatically adjust-front and rear

Garmin front and rear bike lights that fit smartly according to environmental conditions

The trendy fashion of increasingly automatic cycling devices does not leave us indifferent with the new accessories for Garmin (they can run independently without Garmin if you acquire the controller).

The new Garmin lights are automatically adjusted according to ambient luminescence conditions and also depending on the device, such as the Garmin radar, besides being a taillight, it serves as a radar; The new Garmin Radar Varia tells us the relative speed of a car to us (from the back) and also varies the light intensity depending on this parameter to make you more visible, if applicable.

In this selection Garmin introduces us: Garmin Smart Front lights and the "simple" smart taillights or taillights that incorporate the radar system (remember that the latter can incorporate or not controller and are compatible with some Garmin models directly).

Speaking a little more about the Garmin system, the "Garmin rear Radar light for bicycles varies", we will say the following as its most relevant features:

  • It is the first bike radar system that alerts you when vehicles are approach ing from behind (measures distances up to 140 meters)
  • This Garmin system works independently thanks to a controller that can be located on the power of the bike and with which the rear radar device communicates wirelessly.
  • In addition, this system can be integrated with any Garmin Edge GPS (those that are compatible). This way, your Edge or the main rear radar control unit tells you the vehicle's relative approach speed and the level of risk possible.
  • The operation of the system is very simple: the rear radar itself, is also a taillight that becomes brighter or flashes to warn the vehicle about the presence of the rider.

Garmin's various rear radar helps to develop rider training in a safer environment, warning cyclists of vehicles approaching up to a distance of 140 meters. In addition, the rear radar light also alerts vehicles to the rider's position and intensifies the closer the rider's vehicle is. Your Edge or the main unit varies can show the different vehicles approaching and indicate the relative approximation speed and the level of risk.

What do we know about the Garmin brand?

Garmin is a leading global brand GPS device manufacturer that was founded in 1989 in Olathe, USA. This prestigious company, manufactures GPS devices for automotive, fitness and outdoor (where we find cycling), nautical, aviation and mobile app. Garmin is based on innovation, practicality, value-added, good results and service.

Garmin, has the mission to "be a solid company in the creation of high quality products for the automotive, aviation, maritime and outdoor activities and sports sector, a part

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