Thule Velocompact Bike rack car -for ball clamping and 2 bike transport

Thule Velocompact Bike rack car -for ball clamping and 2 bike transport

Thule VeloCompact Bike rack car – for ball clamping and 2 bike capacity

The Swedish brand Thule introduces us to its new VeloCompact bike carrier. It is a compact, safe and lightweight model. Its installation takes place in the rear tow ball of the car, thus achieving an optimal and durable fixation . In addition, it is possible to transport up to 2 bicycles with complete guarantees and with a clean anchorage. Its use is useful both in mountain biking and road cycling.

Thule Velocompact Bike Carrier features

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As we say, the installation is on the back ball. Once anchored, the rest is quick and easy. By means of the removable arms , the cyclist can modify his condition at any time or dismantle it. At the time of carrying the bicycles it is worth highlighting its adaptability; The wheel supports vary their position according to the size of the frame. As if it were not enough, everything has closure for greater security. These do not damage the frame structure or cause unnecessary torsions.

Besides, the Thule Velocompact bike carrier has other arguments. One of his strengths lies in the possibility of opening the trunk when bikes are transported. This is thanks to a tilting platform that opens downwards allowing the opening of the boot. Despite this, it should be taken into account that in some vehicles with very large or side-opening doors it can prevent opening properly.

Finally, it can be removed and saved easily, occupying very little space. In short it is a comfortable and homologated way of transporting your bike, with which in just a couple of minutes will be adjusted to the extent you want. The bar materials are rigid and support a high level of torsion, meaning long service life. You can also increase the carrying capacity by adding an adaptor.

Other data: Thule Velocompact Bike rack car

  • Maximum permissible weight: 46 kg.
  • Maximum weight per bike: 24 kg,
  • Lock lock.
  • The grip is made by the wheels and the frame.
  • Size: 103 x 72 cm.
  • Weight (according to manufacturer): 14.3 kg.
  • 7-pin electrical circuit.


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