Thule Easyfold bike rack car

Thule Easyfold bike rack car

The new model of Easyfold bike carrier that has launched the Thule brand, is an element that will allow the rider to transport up to 2 bicycles quickly, easily and safely. The new Thule Easyfold bike carrier can be found in version 931 and 932. The only apparent difference between the two models is that the 931 has a 13-pinoutlet, and the 932 is 7-pin.

Thule Easyfold bike rack car

The two versions of the Thule Easyfold (931/932) bike carrier have a load capacity of 30 kg per bicycle, and a total of 60 kg. The wide distance between the wheel clamps will facilitate the transport of bicycles with greater wheelbase. This Thule brand bike carrier, being a tilting model, has an intelligent inclination of the pedal so that the rider can open the trunk of the car without having to dismantle the carrier, or take the bikes out of its grip.

This bike carrier, having been made by aluminum along with other light materials, has reduced the weight to 16.9 kg. This excellent element will allow the bikes to be securely fastened, avoiding any galling or falling.


THULE EASYFOLD Bicycle Rack features (931/932)

  • Excellent system is securely fastened bikes that will not damage the bike.
  • tilting bike carrier so that the rider can open the trunk of the car without having to dismantle the carrier or lower the bikes.
  • Maximum load capacity of both versions of the carrier (931/932): 30 kg per bicycle.
  • Total load capacity of both versions of the carrier (931/932): Total 60 kg.
  • It can carry a maximum of 2 bicycles.
  • The Thule Easyfold 931 bike carrier counts 13 pins in the outlet.
  • The Thule Easyfold 932 bike carrier counts 7 pins in the outlet.
  • Weight: 16.9 kg


What do we know about the THULE brand?

The Thule brand was founded in Malmö, Sweden in the year 1942 by the businessman Erik Thulin. In the beginning the company was dedicated to making utensils for Swedish sinners. It wasn't until 1962 when Thule decided to take another step and start manufacturing ski racks for cars.

Thanks to this reason the company begins to grow and its business model was directed to the design and manufacture of different accessories to put the car. Thus, only two years later, in 1964 they created their first roof rack, increasing the capacity of cars.

Thule over the years continues to improve its designs and in the year 1992 creates the first bike carrier mounted on the tow ball. A big breakthrough in the bike racks seen so far.

The company's creations continue to evolve to the present day and these are some of the examples:

  • 2002: Leader in U.S. sales of kayak carriers
  • 2004: Launch of the Thule 591 proride roof Rack
  • 2010: Launching of bags for computers and luggage
  • 2012: Creation of the world's fastest snow chains
  • 2013: Camera bags and bicycle bags

Today Thule has a workforce of more than 3000 employees in more than 50 production and distribution centers throughout the world, with the illusion and determination of the first day.

* Core Sport Team Company S.L. is not responsible for the failures in the technical specifications or any other nature that affects the products. Check with the final store before making your purchase.


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