SILCA Bicycle Saddle Roll / bag with Boa

SILCA Bicycle Saddle Roll / bag with Boa

Bicycle Saddle Roll / Bag Award: Compact, safe and durable

Saddle Roll Award is the first saddle bag in the world with the BOA ® closure system. The base of the Saddle Roll prize is a nylon that is applied to a waxed treatment exclusively created by SILCA. This nylon is wax in hot to achieve its waterproofing and then added a reflective thread embroidery to improve its visibility. See details

Saddle Roll Award is attached to the saddle rails with the successful BOA ® Closure system, which offers a lighter, durable and powerful grip, as well as being a more adjustable system than traditional designs.

SILCA, Brand pumps, tools and many more products for your bike

Know the Silca brand of cycling products

It is a company of 100 years that has specialized in pumps of high precision and whose philosophy of quality has been extrapolated to tools and bags for transport. We make a brief summary of its range, which stands out for its quality and care of details.

Silca high Precision bicycle pumps: This is why this brand is hundreds known. Bicycle pumps for workshop and laptops with materials and a technology to detail that make them authentic works of art. Highlight as innovative Bluetooth Tattico (frame right above), which plasma on your mobile the exact pressure of the tyre, simply downloading an App.

SILCA Tools for your bike: In the same line of quality and precision as the pumps. Highlight the wooden box with Allen keys, in addition to the T Ratchet + Ti torque Kit, a torque wrench to have at home and also be able to carry in the outputs, ideal for when we are changing some light piece that needs to be treated very carefully and we want Make touch-ups at the exit.

Silca Bicycle Transport Bags: A set of 4 products for storage and transport. The Under-saddle bag, with Boa clasp, makes trend and takes this accessory to another level. It is accompanied by two versions to take the basics (Eolo wallet and Eolo Phone wallet) in any way and a backpack for your travels (marathon).

SILCA Bicycle Saddle Roll / bag with Boa / Silca

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