Action Camera GoPro Hero 6 Black for bike/cyclist road and MTB

Action Camera GoPro Hero 6 Black for bike/cyclist road and MTB
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GoPro Hero 6 Black action camera for road cycling and MTB

With a design in line with previous versions, GoPro presents the Hero6. It is an evolution of the Hero5 but with added details that will immortalize your best moments on the bike. The aspect is practically the same and its efforts have focused on achieving a better internal functioning and a series of characteristics that make up its differential value. In short, an ideal camera to take pictures and record on the move, and one of the favorites among riders.

Features camera Go Pro Hero6 Black

As we say the design is similar to other models. It has an opening button that also serves to turn off. In addition, through it we can access the different modes: photo, burst, video and photo or sequential video. The trigger will be found next to some holes designed to place a microphone and capture the sound. As for the lower part incorporates an interface that will warn us of its operation and a speaker. Finally, it includes two screens; a 2-inch tactile back (with good sensitivity in wet fingers) and a front one that gathers information and is useful for selfies.

Its definition as an action camera fits perfectly. It has water resistance and can be submerged up to 10 meters without problems. The electronic stabilizer of the image is really effective, for when you are moving in MTB or running. On the other hand, the connectivity with the mobile phone has been improved, now the cyclist can have the images faster thanks to its 5GHz WiFi. Another of its most notable improvements lies in the better clarity and definition in dark areas.

However, the GoPro Hero 6 differs from other cameras by its possible operation through the voice. Its processor adds a voice detector, so you can activate it remotely or without touching it, for example when riding a bicycle and having the camera fixed to the helmet or others. Besides, its higher quality, 4K mode (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) at 60 frames per second, allows us to capture more details than before. The other recording mode is HD of 1080 pixels, with lower resolution but more information in the videos

Other settings and functions

  • You can take photographs, photographic sequences and even bursts of up to 30 photographs in 6 seconds.
  • Choose different configurations of speed and amplitude of vision.
  • Zoom controlled by vertical bar.
  • We can control color, white balance, sensitivity or sharpness.
  • Activate or deactivate the pickup of the sound.
  • Better synchronization with the mobile phone.
  • Weight: consult with manufacturer.

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Action Camera GoPro Hero 6 Black for bike/cyclist road and MTB / Go Pro

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