Derailleurs - Gear Shifters / Levers

The main function of the bicycle shift lever s is to allow cyclists to make chainring and piñó changesin a simple and fast way.

What are the Derailleurs - Gear Shifters / Levers best seller?

To transmit the change function, the lever is attached to a change cable that is connected to the gear mechanism, either the chainring diverter or the change rear pin. This gearshift lever is located on the handlebar. On the road and mountain bikes are integrated with the brake lever, with the purpose of minimizing the effort and improve the comfort to make the change of gear.

As a general rule on the right side is the pinion change, while on the left side the lever is placed for the change of chainring.

At the beginning, the Exchange systems operated with "friction gears". This fact towards which the cyclist controlled the pinions that went up or down according to the section that moved the lever of change. These old levers were located in the frame of the road bike and it was difficult to be able to precisely adjust the gearshift.

Over the years these gears of change were improving until reaching the popular "indexing changes". This system was a very noticeable improvement when making gear changes. This system allows with a single touch of a gearshift lever to raise or lower a pinion, without the need to regulate the position of the chain. The chain is automatically positioned in the correct position, greatly facilitating the operation of changing the pinion or chainring.

Currently they are picking up the "electronic changes". These new systems of change allow with just the pressure of a button to change the pinion or the chainring in a much more precise and agile way. With the new electric motors the force to make the gearshift falls in them so that all the problems associated with the cable of gears are eliminated.

The change lever s are suffering an authentic revolution and in the search engine of cycling products of CoreBicycle you can find a wide variety of change levers, whether by indexing or electronic, with the best Network prices and leading brands such as: Shimano, Campagnolo or Sram among others.

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