Cranksets Bolts / Crank Bolts

The main function of the Cranksets Bolts​ is to protect the joint between the Cranksets and the bottom bracket shaft, preventing the water, dust, mud... from damaging the bottom bracket.

The bottom bracket box is one of the most sensitive areas of the bike and for this reason it is very important to protect it from any element. The Cranksets Bolts​ also perform another function, no less important, which is to fasten the cranks to the shaft. If a crank is not properly fastened, it will not work correctly, resulting in improper work on the bottom bracket shaft, which may cause malfunction. They are made with high quality materials such as carbon, aluminum, titanium and steel.

Where to buy online Cranksets Bolts / Crank Bolts?

In addition, if the connecting Cranksets does not make its movement correctly, this affects the cyclist's leg, so that all the rider will suffer the consequences of not wearing the Cranks securely. As you can see the Crank Bolt is a very small element of the bike that seems not to be too important but its good use depends on the proper functioning of both the bicycle and the cyclist.

In short, an accessory that will allow the cyclist to improve the transfer of the force to the pedals and ensure safety before ripped and violent acceleration.

In the search engine and the CoreBicycle Cycling product, you can find a wide range of Cranksets Bolts, compatible with the main bicycle models. Find the Cranksets Bolts compatible with your bike from among the main brands such as: Shimano, FSA, Race Face, Cinelli, Carbon, Truvativ, Campagnolo, Brand-X, Sram... you will find in CoreBicycle.


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