Bicycle/Bike Cranksets

The crankset (also known as Cranks) are the component of the bicycle which, together with the bottom bracket and the pedals, constitutes the means of transmission of the pedaling power of the cyclist. Its operation resides in the movement of the chain, which in turn transfers it to the cassette by turning the rear wheel.

What are the best seller Bicycle/Bike Cranksets 2018?

The cranks are attached by one end to the pedals and on the other to the bottom bracket (or axle). Depending on the bottom bracket shaft There are a type of crank s or others. The two cranksets (one mounted on each side of the bicycle) maintain an angle of 180 degrees from one to the other.

The length of the cranks, that is measured from the center of the pedal shaft to the center of the bottom bracket, marks or defines the characteristics of the rider or the type of cycling to be practiced (mountain biking, trial, enduro, downhill, cross-country,...).

The cranks is one of the few parts of the bike where the carbon has not yet managed to impose its law, maintaining aluminum a significant number of models. This is because of the excellent level of rigidity of aluminum. The chainrings and crankset are made of aluminum alloy - mostly - titanium, carbon fibre, chromium-molybdenum steels or other less expensive steels.

Among the best known faricantes brands are territories: Shimano, SRAM, Campagnolo, Race Face, Rotor, Carbon, Trubativ, FSA, Hope, E Thirteen, Niche, SR Suntour, Cinelli, Specialized, Specialites, Amar, Eclat, Gravity, BLB or BBB among many other brands.

In the category of cranks you can find among many other axes the following models:

  • Crankset Shimano 2016 MT700 11 speed 26-36 Teeth
  • SRAM Crank Force Cx1 BB30 (chainring and bearings not included)
  • 11-speed single-chainring crankset Shimano XT M8000
  • SRAM Eagle Cranks
  • Triple stand Shimano XT M770
  • Biela E Thirteen XC
  • Chainring and crankset Campagnolo speedy Power Torque CT 10 speeds
  • full suspension chainring and 10 -speed cranks SRAM-X9 BB30
  • 11-speed Campagnolo Carbon Compact Chainring
  • Shimano XTR M9000 Race 11 speeds (single crank)
  • Crankset SR-suntour XCT JR T202
  • Shimano XTR M980 Triple Chainset
  • Shimano XT M780 10 Speed Chainset HollowTech II
  • Shimano SLX M675 10 speed Chainset
  • 11-Speed Carbon Compact chainring Campagnolo
  • Crankset ( x 10) Race Face-Next
  • Race Face Carbon Cranksets Next SL Fat Bike-175mm
  • crankset Single-stand Race Face -response-165mm
  • Campagnolo Athena 11 Speed Carbon -chainrings 53 and 39 teeth
  • Hope without crank spider
  • Two-course and 10-speed cranks set. Race Face


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