Chain Tugs

What are chain tugs and what bikes should they use?

As its name the chain tug aim to keep the chain taut to prevent it from jumping out of the pinion.

On bicycles carrying change cassette s with several sprockets this function is made by a spring located on the rear pin of the change, so that the chain is always tensioned using either sprocket. Therefore, bicycles that use pinion changes must not carry chain tugs.

On the other hand the fixed sprocket bikes if they need a tension system. These cycles require the use of a chain tug er to maintain sufficient tension to avoid any chain output in jumps or acceleration. Between the chain tension ers There are two different types:

  • for freewheel Bicycles: These incorporate a spring that is capable of keeping the chain tensioned, imitating the action of the change pin.
  • for fixed-pinion bicycles: Because these braking bikes use the chain tension, a simple spring is not useful so it requires a more robust and consistent system.

To choose a chain tension er that fits your bike you must also consider two basic elements: the thickness of the axle of the wheel and the support of the tug is adapted to the toe of the frame.

With this little introduction, you can choose which chain tension er you choose among all that CoreBicycle offers, all of the leading brands of the international market such as: DMR, LDC, Gusset, Surly, Box, Answer, Shimano , SB3, Hope, M Part, MKS, Global Racing, Position One, MKS, Gamut... among other brands.


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