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What are the Chain quick links of the chain and the pins of the connector used for?

The chain is composed only of links and its connectore s, also known as "pins". When the chain you are using is broken it is possible to re-mount it without the need to buy a new one. For this reason there are the Quick Links and pins of the connector.

The Quick Links are used to be able to dismantle the chain with the simple help of a tool known as chain. This way you can easily dismantle the chain and be able to repair it, clean it or any other operation.

The pin or "pins" are the cylindrical pieces that join the different links. These small pieces can also be purchased separately and thus be able to link the chain links without any problems.

As there are different sizes and measurements of chains, logically there are also fast links and "pins" that adapt to each of these chains, so it is very important to ensure the characteristics of the chain before buying the appropriate complement.

Within the category chains – complement s you will find a wide variety of quick links, connector pins, pin, locking links needed to keep the chain of the bicyclet in perfect condition Operation.

Using the CoreBicycle search engine is very simple: you only have to filter within the category components by strings-complement s and you will find all the necessary components for the chain of the best brands worldwide as For example: KMC, Sram, Shimano, Cinelli, Trek, Yaban, BLB, BBB... among other major brands.


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