Chainrings - Bolts / Bolt's Chainring - Cranksets

The cranksets are attached to the chainring using specific bolts, commonly called chainrings bolts. Normally the number of screws per connecting crankset-chainring is between 3 and 5 bolts.

These chainrings bolts consist of two parts of the screw in which one part is threaded inside the other, leaving the space between both parts as a closed space.

Chainrings - Bolts / Bolt's Chainring - Cranksets

There is a type of specific tool for tightening the chainrings bolts that allows to hold one side so that it can be threaded with Allen key The other and does not turn on itself. You can find this tool in the Workshop -Tools section. These screws are similar to those that carry many systems to catch the change pin box.

Chainring bolts are already manufactured in Carbon (such as North Shore Billet or TA carbon). In addition, for aesthetics, you can find them in anodized in different colors in brands like A2Z, e thirteen e Ison, for example).

Among the most important brands of Chainrings Bolts Manufacturers we can find:

  • Shimano
  • E Thirteen
  • Kcnc
  • a2z
  • Race Face
  • MSc
  • Truvativ
  • Ta
  • Ison
  • Sram
  • Xlc


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