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Brake Pads are a vital component for rider safety.

Buy online Cheap brake pads for MTB, road, TT bicycle / Bike

Within the brake pads we can differentiate two great categories:

  • Tire/Rim Brake Pads: They are used mostly on road or urban bicycles. The composition is made of plastic compounds such as rubber, Cork... They stand out for their lightness and good braking capacity.
  • Disc Brake Pads: They are used mostly by mountain bikes, although their use is beginning to become widespread in other bicycles. Among the compounds we can highlight 3 categories:
    • Metal Pickups (sintered): They are the most common among cyclists. They are made with compacted metallic powder. They have a great durability but because they are very hardtail they wear more quickly the brake disc.
    • Organic brake pads: They are made with organic and inorganic fibers such as aramid, graphite, glass, carbon... Being a softer compound its durability is lower but it compensates with a higher braking quality.
    • Ceramic brake pads: They are organic tablets reinforced with ceramic fibers. This results in more powerful braking without the braking system increasing in temperature. Are those that offer the best performance.

In the search engine of cycling products of CoreBicycle. com you will find how to buy online at the best price spare pads for the brakes, brake pads, since we have integrated the most important national stores (Spain) and International.

What are the most important and the best Bicycle Brake pads?

In the Corebicycle search engine you will find all the brake pads You need for your brake systems from major market brands such as Shimano,Galfer, Cinelli, Swiss Stop, Ashima, Aztek, BBB, Brake Authority, Avid, Hope , Nukeproof, VAR, Hayes, Tektro, Zipp, Campanolo, Sram, TRP, XLC, Formula,..., among many others for your roadbike brakes, MTBbike, bmxbike, trialbike, Triathlon, runwaybike,...


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