Brake Discs/Brake Calipers/Brakes Adapters

Brake Discs/Brake Calipers/Brakes Adapters

Are all bicycle brake discs the same?

The bicycle brake Discs are not all the same. They differ mainly in two key aspects: composition and size.

The composition of materials with which it is made is quite broad. They can be made with steel, aluminum, titanium and the last great novelty are the carbon ceramic discs that are able to reduce the weight, have higher resistance to high temperatures, better braking quality among other improvements.

In reference to the size, discs of between 160 and 180 mm are used for modalities such as Cross Country, Rally, Marathon. and larger sizes for downhill, Enduro or All Mountain. The larger the disk size, the higher the braking power.

HOPE Floating Brake Disc

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Customer feedback: "An indispensable product for performance-oriented riders looking to stand out among the crowd."

Brake disc Shimano XT-SAINT RT86 ICE-TECH 6 Screws

Customer Feedback: These discs are wonderful! "It faces long descents without overheating the liquid."

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