Disc brakes - Shimano / Magura / Formula / Hope / Avid / Sram

What kind of Disc Brakes you could buy online for your Triathlon bike, road bike, gravel bike or MountainBike/MTB?

Roughly there are 4 types of brakes for cycling bike:

- Rim Brakes.

- Hub brakes.

- Disc Brakes: These are the brakes that are currently mounted on all mountain bikes (MTB/MOUNTAIN BICYCLE) and their braking force consist of exerting pressure on the brake disc (rotor) that is mounted on the wheel axle.

Its main advantages are:

-they work well in conditions of rain, mud,...
-has more resistance to wear and is not affected because the rim is not perfectly aligned
-Spare parts last longer and the maintenance is less expensive. They are also more reliable in functionality.
-They have more braking power.

Its main drawbacks:

-are more past systems than V-Brake rims
-The price is higher
-Hydraulic brakes

- Hydraulic Brakes: They operate by pressure of fluids instead of through cables, they are common in the applications in disc brakes or cantilever. They are especially effective in conditions of moisture, mud or ice.

What are the best Bicycle Disc Brakes?

Shimano Saint Brakes, Shimano XT Brakes, hope Tech 3 E4 Brakes, Shimano M985 Brakes, Tektro Road brakeSet, brake system with remote control hope, Shimano 7800 Dura-Ace, Shimano BR Brakesystem, Shimano BR brake system, Shimano BR-m447 brake system,... all the brakes you are looking to buy online you can find in the CoreBicycle Cycling components searcher.

In CoreBicycle.com you will be able to find all the brakes of the brands Shimano, Avid, Hope, SRAM, Formula, Magura, Campagnolo, Cinelli, TRP, Odyssey, TRP, Clarks, Swiss Stop, Haes, SALT, Csepel, BLB, Promax, Aztec, SaltPlus, Blank, Ashima, BMC, Jagwire, ECLAT, Box, ... Among many other brands, at the best price as the Component Searcher for the bike CoreBicycle are integrated the main online stores national and international. Finding the best price of the component you want to buy is very simple in the CoreBicycle searcher. Try it.

Among many other models you can find the following:

  • Sram XX Brakes Disc Brake
  • Shimano XTR M9020 Trail lever and disc brake calipers PM Caliper Bled-left-rear
  • Sram DB5 Brakes Disc Brake
  • Disc brake Shimano SLX M675 Disc brake
  • Shimano R517 Brake Caliper
  • Avid BB5 Black 160mm MTB Brake


Do you know what the best rated disc brakes/buy online by cyclists 2017-2018?


Disc brake SHIMANO ZEE M640

Customer feedback: Fantastic braking power! "This is basically what many professional downhill riders use.. You get the same braking power as with brakes twice the price of other brands "

Disc brake SHIMANO XT M8000

Customer Opinion: The Mjor quality-price brakes on the planet. "Definitely the best brakes that Aya used. Easy to bleed, powerful, with great responsiveness and good looks, and fins with the ice tech discs are great in descents "

Disc brake SHIMANO SLX M7000

Customer feedback: These brakes were manufactured in the sky! "The best thing I could do to update my bike"

MAGURA MT5 MTB Disc brake

Customer Opinion: Great brake taking into account its price. "I've had many different brake systems for over the last 5 years and the MT5 brakes are definitely the most powerful I've ever used."

Hope Tech 3 X2 front brake

The new Hope Tech 3 X2 Brake is a model developed using a master Tech EVO cylinder compatible with any Shimano I-Spec shift lever and has been redesigned for better handlebar integration as well as ergonomics.

The brake caliper is -piston and is ideal for 140, 160 and 180 mm diameter discs . The hydraulic fluid of this braking system is DOT 5.1

Pair of Brakes Magura MT8

Magura introduces us to the new high-end MT8 brake model that will allow you to have the best braking response in workouts with the Cross Country and All Mountainbike. These disc brakes for the bicycle have been manufactured with carbon fiber thus providing a great lightness because it is orientated basically to the competition.

The new MT8 disc brake of the Magura brand incorporates braking piston s.

  • Weight: 299 grams.

Tektro Disc brake Orion RT, 160 mm 1500 mm

The new Orion RT disc brake model presented to us by the Tektro brand has been designed so that it can be adapted to different frame Geometries. The pads of this disc brake have been made with a mixture of high quality metal/cerica materials. The hydraulic system of this disc brake is based on a mineral oil that will exert pressure when pressing the lever located on the handlebar.

This brake disc made with aluminium, has a diameter of 160 mm and the hose, a length of 1500 mm.

  • Weight: 295 grams

Disc brake Formula RX

Formula introduces us its new model of disc brake RX ideal to be used in the modalities of XC/Cross Country, All Mountain and Enduro. The Formula RX Brake has a radial matrix cylinder combined with a 22 mm diameter piston clamp.

The front hose has a length of 100 cm and the rear of 165 cm.

Avid Elixir 1 pair of brakes with discs

The new Elixir 1 hydraulic disc brake from the Avid brand is a model designed for wheels with a standard Center Lock hub. The pads on this disc brake are organic and the discs are X Avid G3 Clean Sweep Center Lock of 160 mm diameter.

The front hose has a length of 71 cm and the rear 166 cm

  • Weight: 830 grams/pair.

Brake Shimano XT Front M785

This new hydraulic disc brake features a short Servo-Wave travel mechanism ideal for fast track and to offer more power in aggressive driving of the bike. The Shimano XT M785 Brake incorporates over sized and ceramic twin piston s specially designed to achieve great thermal insulation. In addition, this front brake disc of the Shimano brand is superlight and at the same time has a high rigidity.

The hydraulic system that makes this disc brake work is by means of a non-corrosive and non-hazardous mineral oil.

The hose has a length of 1,000 mm (front) and 1,700 mm (rear) and also includes the pads.

Disc brake Shimano XT M8000

High power and controlled braking for all MTB driving styles. This hydraulic disc brake XT features Servo-Wave technology that improves braking as it achieves fast pin drive and therefore a lighter braking power.

Shimano XTR M9000 Race Disc brake

Fully factory-bled racing brake. The super lightweight mono piece magnesium body uses a one-piece forged design for increased stiffness and a weight reduction.

Hope Tech 3 E4 disc brake

If the Enduro is your favorite cycling modality, this brake is what you are looking for. From the revised E4 brake caliper to better ergonomics, power and integration in the handlebars, all parts of this brake "cries out" quality.

Disc Brakes Shimano Saint M820

The Saint disc Brake leverages Shimano ICE technology and makes it evolve, reducing heat and improving performance through multiple combined features.

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