Bottom Brackets - Spares & replacement parts: Bearings/Adapters/spacers/Safety Clips

Bottom Brackets - Spares & replacement parts: Bearings/Adapters/spacers/Safety Clips

The bottom bracket shaft is one of the most delicate and important parts of a bicycle. It is part of the transmission and its main function is to transmit the effort of the pedals to the bicycle through the cranksets, chainrings, sprockets, wheels...

Bottom Brackets - Spares & replacement parts: Bearings/Adapters/spacers/Safety Clips

The bottom bracket shaft withstands all the strength and pressure we make with the pedals and for this reason it is very important that its operation is perfect. In the opposite way the force carried out by the cyclist is lost and does not affect the progress of the bicycle.

There are different bottom bracket axes, such as:

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  • Square Bottom Stand shafts: They're in disuse. It was a fairly reliable system in which the shaft and bearings formed a single piece.
  • ISIS and Octalink bottom brackets: The ISIS model never finished curdling among cyclists, while Octalink is still used in low-end bicycles today. These models conveyed greater stiffness.
  • BB30 Stand shaft: It is the latest and most used novelty. The bearings are housed in the bottom bracket so that weight is reduced.

The bottom bracket shaft bearings are very delicate and susceptible to water, mud, or damage. For this reason in the CoreBicycle Cycling Product searcher You will be able to find all the parts and spare s necessary for the maintenance of the bottom bracket , for example:

  • Bearings
  • Adapters
  • Spacers
  • Security Clips
  • Together
  • Seal of Cups

Using the CoreBicycle Searcher is very simple: you only have to filter within the category components by bottom brackets-parts and you will find all the necessary parts and refills of the main brands at level such as:FSA, Campagnolo, Race Face, Hope, Wells manufactured, Sram, Rotor, KCNC, Truvativ, BBB, Chirs King, Shimano... among other major brands.

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