Protections for elbow/shin/back/chest/Short Pads/Guards - Body Armour

Protections for elbow/shin/back/chest/Short Pads/Guards - Body Armour

Protections for Knee/Elbow/Shin/back/chest/Short Pads - Guards

The most spectacular and risky modalities of the Mountain Bike such as the downhill, Enduro or Freeride require the use of protection to improve the safety of the riders.

The use of protection s obviously does not ensure total protection of the riders and any fall can result in bone breakage or any other injury.

Mountain bikes and their different modalities have undergone a real revolution in recent years. In principle mountain bikes were used to walk through forests and trails but little by little the evolution of riders and bicycles have been creating new modalities and more specific specifications. This rapid evolution has generated a number of needs for bikers, among which are the protections.

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During the vertiginous descents the pilots risk to the limit in curve and jump, being very habitual the falls and injuries. For this reason they began to use different protection s for the different parts of the body, until now there are specific protection s for cycling that tyre every part of the body. Among the most used protection s can be found in addition to the helmet shell:

  • Elbow
  • Knee
  • Shin
  • Shields: Chest protection
  • Protectors
  • Jackets with protection
  • short with protection
  • Gloves
  • Wrist
  • Anklets

All parts of the body can be protected by some of these elements. These protection reduce the mobility of the rider and on the other hand do not enjoy a great ventilation, although more and more is improving this aspect.

Safety is one of the aspects to take into account when practicing cycling, especially in the modalities of Downhill or Enduro where injuries and falls are habitual. In the search engine and compared to CoreBicycle Cycling products We put at your fingertips all the protection necessary to increase the safety of the riders.

Best seller Elbow pads and knee Guard

If you go to the trails, protection is a priority. Invest in superior protections that absorb the impacts for you. It remains protected with specialized padding designed to absorb shocks.

Elbow Pads 661 Recon 2018

XRD ® technology fits every movement of your body, but at the moment of impact, it forms a protective casing around your elbow.

Knee Pads 661 Recon 2018

The same XRD ® technology that fits every movement of your body while forming a protective casing around your knee.

Knee Pads IXS Flow 2018

Manufactured with X-Matter ™ technology for absorption in the major impacts, these IXS knee pads are lightweight and compact-ideal for the trail and Enduro.

In addition to CoreBicycle we have integrated the best online sales stores national and international. We can show many options and give the possibility that our users find the best price to buy all the MTB protection s of the leading brands worldwide such as: 661, 7 Protection, Alpine Stars, Amplifi er, Bliss, bluegrass, Burton, Dainese, Endura, Fox Racing, Fuse, G-Form, Ion, IXS, Leatt, POC, RaceFace, Sector 9, TSG, Troy Lee designs, Oneal ... Among many other prestigious brands.


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