BMX bikes/BMX race/BMX Street/BMX Park - 20" & 24'' inches wheels

The BMX is a cycling acrobatic modality. For this reason the BMX bikes have very specific characteristics that make them different from the other bikes and allow them to obtain a great freedom of maneuver and manageability.

The main characteristics of these bicycles are:

  • 20 inches small wheels.
  • Resistant frames between 20 and 21 "made mainly of aluminium and steel.
  • Single sprocket between 9 and 11 teeth.
  • Chainring between 22 and 25 teeth.
  • Use of stirrups (in some modalities).
  • They only have rear braking system.

BMX/BMX Street - Cycling modalities

It is necessary to specify that in the world of the BMX bike There are different modalities. The main BMX disciplines are the following:

  • bmx Race or BMX: is the modality with which the BMX is born. It is disputed in a circuit of ground, where they must turn, making the jumps while they dispute the first position in a melee with the rivals.
  • Freestyle Dirt Jump: This modality requires jumps of ground, with a height between and 3 meters. The goal is to perform acrobatic jumps using these ramps.
  • BMX Freestyle Park: It is the modality that is made using wooden ramp s and it is required to be carried out inside a park destined to these competitions. The aim is to perform the most acrobatics within the park.
  • BMX Freestyle Vert: A "U" shaped ramp is required to perform all acrobatics. It is similar to the tube used in Snowboard competitions and is intended to perform as many acrobatics without leaving the tube.
  • BMX Freestyle Flatland: This mode is done without the use of ramps or any urban element. The difficulty is to do acrobatics only with the participation of the biker's body and his bicycle. It is made of concrete or asphalt and requires a great capacity of equilibrium and concentration.
  • BMX Freestyle Street: It is practiced in the streets ortilizando the urban elements already existing like stairs, handrails, banks... to perform the tricks and acrobatics.

What are the most purchased BMX bike bikes online at 2017-2018?

BMX SPOKE Bikes DARKO 20.5'' 2017-2018

This bike is suitable for riders that measure between 160 and 175cm. It has a series of 20.5" inches Wheels and the upper tube is more elongated so that the bike is Agile and reactive. It is made of steel and painted green, with very nice finishes. Although not wearing standard stirrups, it is a bike prepared for the competition and modalities of Street and Park. 26X9 series Development.

Bike MONTY 301 FREESTYLE 2017-2018

The Monty 301 Freestyle offers great performance at a competitive price. It is ideal for bikers who want a bike prepared for the most daring acrobatics of Freestyle. Its geometry with the long tubes is perfect for maneuvering in the air. The full suspension-height handlebar allows greater control. Finally, his wheels are 20 ".


The BMX WETHEPEOPLE Reason 20.75 "is a perfect bike to make jumps and tricks on the air. Made with Chromoly steel , a frame with good absorption of the impacts is obtained without sacrificing stiffness. This bike comes equipped with high-end components, although its price is not shot. Its aesthetic is daring and beautiful, with the mark on the horizontal tube and the saddle of colors.

Bike GT Performer 20 2017 - for BMX 2017-2018

Fast and versatile bicycle with fine and nice lines. In addition to the frame, GT also provides components such as saddle, chainrings, handlebar, power and pinion; Which gives a touch of quality and reliability to the bike. It is available in two colors: black and green.

Subrosa shot XL FREESTYLE BMX 2017-2018

The BMX Subrosa shot XL Freestyle comes prepared for the most demanding competition . It is equipped with components of the RANT brand that make it a durable and lasting bike. The power is very stiff and ensures a good grip on the handlebar. Its combination of development is 25x9. Logo engraved on the front of the address.


The United brand has been improving and innovating for years. With this bike has managed to have a competitive model and prepared to withstand the impacts of this demanding modality. It is equipped with stirrup s and that makes it ideal for modalities like Street and Park. On the other hand, it is one of the most comfortable BMX bikes.

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