BMX Frame/Bike/Bicycle /BMX street/BMX dirtjump

BMX Frame/Bike/Bicycle /BMX street/BMX dirtjump

The BMX is a cycling "acrobatic" discipline that brings together different modalities. Each of these modalities requires frames with specific measurements and specifications. As a general rule the BMX frames are made in aluminium 6061 or 7005, in carbon fibre, in chromium or Oxiplatino.

For the mode of Race or BMX is mainly used aluminum and carbon, to give more lightness to the bike. While in Freestyle modalities like Dirt Jump, Park, Vert, Flatland or Street, the most solid alloys are used to withstand the impacts of the acrobatics performed by the riders.

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Referring to the measurements, the longer frames are used for Dirt Jump and Vert and comprise between 20.8, 21 and 21.5 inches. shorter BMX frames are used in Street modalities and range from 20.5 to 20.75 inches. Finally, the BMX frames for the Flatland modality are customised to be tailored for each rider. Because this discipline requires extreme control of the bike, but usually the frames are between 17 and 17.7 inches.

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  • BMX Bike Frame S & M Credence C.C.R.

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