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Exposure stands, Workshop stands, repair trestles, workshop easel tray s,supports for or more wall or ceilingbicycles,... Everything you need within the category of Workshop supports at the best price and with offers you can find it in the search engine of CoreBicycle; You will find all the workshop supports and their accessories or complements of top brands such as Park Tool, Topeak, Shimano, Cinelli, Tacx, Pro, Pedro s or BBB , among others. Many more brands of workshop stands for the bicycle.

Bicycle/Bike Workshop Support

The maintenance of all bicycles is a fundamental thing that all people who are fond of cycling know; Always have it in the best condition to make it last its useful life, as well as to optimize its performance when going out to train. This maintenance can be either changing a small piece or changing the wheels. All these tasks are something that cannot be done by a single person as it is necessary for someone to hold the bicycle, hold it overturned or lift it in order to expedite and facilitate the work.  The function of the bicycle shop stands is just to be the perfect assistant for the mechanic as in addition to holding the bike, it also holds firm small parts that have to be repaired or need maintenance ( Pedals for the cleaning of bearings, chainrings for the adjustment of cranks...)

The workshop supports will be a great help as well as the problem of the parts scattered by the garage. These tools are so essential for mechanics, they are made with highly resistant materials and can also be placed in a corner so that they will barely occupy space when not in use. We can find two types of bicycle racks:

  • Fixed Workshop supports: These are placed on the wall or on the floor but using screws to make them securely fixed. Fixed supports are considered to be the safest and most pressure-bearing; They are also very comfortable when using them.
  • Mobile Workshop supports: they have fixed or collapsible support legs (between two and four) so that they can be stored when not in use. In addition, these supports can have additional trays in which to leave the tools or parts and screws that are used for maintenance tasks to facilitate the work.

In CoreBicycle you will also find the spare parts to be able to replace any part of the supports when necessary.


What are the cheapest online shop stands and offers in 2018?

Bike Repair stand/workshop support PARK TOOL PRS-20

With the new support model of the Park Tool PRS-20 of rails you can hold the bicycle safely without having to do so by the frame or seatpost. The Park Tool PRS-20 is ideal for use on carbon bikes or with hard-to-grip frames. This workshop stand has different quick-locks to be able to hold the bike safely through the front or rear supports.

The Park Tool PRS-20 repair stand has been designed in a tripod-shaped manner with the aim of providing greater stability. It has a quick-lock fastening strap to stabilize the bottom bracket shaft.

TACX Exposition support BIKESTAND Bike Support

The Tacx exposition has a weight of 1.5 kg and can withstand up to 25 kg.


Made of anodized aluminium and steel, this support can withstand up to 29.5 kg.

PARK TOOL PCS-10 Bike Repair stand/workshop support

The Park Tool PCS-10 workshop support features a quick lock to adjust the height, and a quick lock to the leg joint in order to provide greater stability and facilitate assembly and bending. This repair stand has an exclusive integrated system to be able to adapt the accessories to the upper tube.


Repair stand/Bicycle workshop support PRO

The PRO-repair foot is a lightweight aluminum model, which will make it easy to move in addition to a carrying case. This workshop stand has a tool tray to ensure the mechanic a greater comfort by having the tools at hand during work.

The PRO bike repair stand is a collapsible and adjustable model.


Bike Repair stand/workshop stand for wall PARK TOOL DELUXE PRS-4w-1

The Park Tool Deluxe PRS-4w-1 workshop stand is a high quality model that allows you to carry out your bike's maintenance tasks safely and comfortably. This repair stand can be installed on a wall or stand (does not include nuts). The adjustable clamp that it incorporates can be used in any tube between 1 "and 1-5/8".

Home Mechanic Easel Park Tool PCS10

Perfect for the home mechanic who loves to tangle with us bike. The PCS-10 has been updated to lever more quickly and easily, and works well many positions and bikes with irregularly shaped tubes.


Bicycle Workshop Easel for home mechanics and X-Tools workshop mat/Floor Protector

Complete your own bike workshop with this "home" mechanic easel. The work stand holds your bike in place safely and firmly while the workshop mat ensures that the floor remains clean and free of contaminants – dirt.

  • Bike Tool - Aluminium Workstand
  • Bike Tools Soportes de Taller
  • Minoura W3100 Workstand
  • Park Home Mechanic Bench Repair Stand
  • Park Tool deluxe bench mount repair stand with 100-3M clamp PRS4M
  • Park Deluxe Home Mechanic Repair Stand PCS4
  • Park Tool CRC15 - Crown race cutter and adaptor for 1.5" tapered steerers
  • Park Tool PCS4-1 - Deluxe Home Mechanic repair stand with 100-5C clamp
  • Park Tool PRS25 - Team Issue repair stand - aluminium
  • Park Tool Home Mechanic Repair Stand pcs9
  • Park Tool Home Mechanic Repair Stand PCS-10
  • Trivio - Bike Stand - Rear Axle (THV028910)
  • Topeak - Dual Touch Bikestand
  • Elite - Essential Workstand
  • Trivio - Hardtail Workstand Pro
  • Topeak - Workstand Flashstand
  • Trivio - Folding Workstand Expert
  • Park - PCS-12 Home Mechanic Bench Mount Stand
  • Park - PCS-10 Home Mechanic Repair Stand
  • Park - PCS-9 Workstand Home Mechanic Repair Stand
  • Saris Mighty Mite 6 Bike Storage Rack - NA - One size
  • Saris Bike Track Vertical Storage Rack - NA - One size
  • Topeak Prepstand Max Workstand - NA - One size
  • Minoura Gravity Stand - NA - One size
  • Minoura W-3100 Workstand - NA - One size
  • Feedback Sports Pro-Ultralight Repair Stand - NA - One size
  • Feedback Sports Sport Mechanic Bicycle Repair Station - NA - One size
  • Feedback Sports Pro Elite Bicycle Repair Station - NA - One size
  • Saris The Boss Designer Single Bike Stand - White - One size
  • Saris Glide Ceiling Mounted Bike Rack - NA - One size
  • Saris Parking Bike Bunk - NA - One size
  • Gear Up Grandstand Single Bike Floor Stand - NA - One size
  • Pedros Folding Repair Stand With Bag | Yellow/Black
  • Feedback Sports Scorpion Floor Stand | Black - L
  • Feedback Sports Recreational Bicycle Repair Station | Red
  • Park PRS25 Aluminium Team Issue Repair Stand
  • Park PRS4W Deluxe Wall Mount Repair Stand - 100-3D Clamp
  • Feedback Sports Sprint Bicycle Repair Station - Red - One size
  • Park Tool PCS-9 - Home Mechanic Repair Stand - NA - One Size
  • Park PCS10 Folding Repair Stand - NA - One Size


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