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If you like to travel with your children on the bike everywhere, in the category carriers you can find the best trolleys to combine your great passions in a comfortable and safe: Cycling and love to thekids.

There are a lot of possibilities to be able to take the children with you on the bike. In addition to the carriers you'll find in this subcategory, you also have the possibility to use the children's chairs, a cycling accessory that is mounted directly or at the front or back of the bike.

Within the elements catalogued as Trasportín or trolleys for children, we can differentiate two very different categories:

  • Towing Trolleys: It is a covered cockpit that joins the adult bike and protects the small when the Meteorológía is not in favor. In the interior of the cabin there is usually room for the transport of children with their corresponding chairs and fastening and adjustment systems that will keep them protected at all times. In this way they can be playing, reading or sleeping in the safest and most tranquil way, while the adult pedals dragging the Trasportín. It is advisable to place a small flag in the car with the aim of increasing the visibility towards the other drivers.
  • tow Bar (WeeRide): This accessory is intended for use in children older than 4 years and with a weight limit of 25 kilos. The tugboats/bike racks are a system that allows to join the bike from the small to the adult Medainte a romolque bar that will nullify the direction of the child bike, and running the whole as a tandem. There are many types of semi-tandem for children's bikes on the market; In some cases the bike of the small has no front wheel, which by means of a bar joins the seatpost of the adult bicycle. In other models it is simply the tow bar that separately joins the two bikes. This way the child can feel the same sensations as the cyclists and has fun without making effort, but can give the pedals if you want. This system allows parents to go pedalling with the children's company in the most safe and comfortable way for both.

In the search engine and compared to CoreBicycle Cycling products you will find a great variety of trasportines to travel with the bike accompanied by the children in the safest and most comfortable way of the most prestigious brands such as: a dventure, Avenir, Burley, Cannondale, Cinelli, Croozer, Giant, Monz, Thule, Topeak...

The Top Ten Bike Trailers most wanted (best price - buy online)

Some of the models you can find are:

  • Tow Bar Monz Trailer Bike
  • Tow Bar Adventure Ditto on Trailer
  • Tow Bar Avenir T100 Gun
  • Kids bike Trailer Avenir Entrepid
  • Kids bike Trailer Adventure St4
  • Kids bike Trailer Giant Peapod
  • Kids Trailer Thule Coster
  • Dog/puppy/cats bike Trailer Thule Chariot

* Core Sport Team Company S.L. is not responsible for the failures in the technical specifications or any other nature that affects the products. Check with the final store before making your purchase.


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