Bicycle rack / Bike rack / Carrier

Bicycle rack / Bike rack / Carrier

The bike racks for the Coche are the best accessory to be able to carry the bike everywhere in a comfortable way and without taking up space inside the vehicle.

When we want to take the bike on holiday with us we often find the problem of excess baggage. Suitcases, backpacks, packages... we take a lot of space in the trunk and it is impossible to put the bike inside. In these cases the best solution is to buy a bike rack for the car.

Other cyclists also need the bike rack s to make groupset outings and move to the starting point by car. Thanks to the bike racks, also known as "Bacas", up to 4 bicycles can be transported without taking up space inside the car. In this way, in a single conventional utility car, up to 4 cyclists can be transferred with their respective bicycles.

There are mainly 3 different types of bicycle rack s for the car:

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  • Bicycle/Bike Roof Racks:

Bicycle/Bike Roof Racks:

A classic among the bike racks. This system is installed on the roof of the vehicle and has as main advantage that it can remain mounted without causing inconvenience. Some models support the entire bike while others need to disassemble the front wheel to load the carrier. By cons, it decreases the aerodynamics of the vehicle and increases the fuel consumption.

  • Bicycle/Bike Rear Tailgate Rack:

Bicycle/Bike Rear Tailgate Rack:

It is mounted on the trunk door of the vehicle but is only valid in flat backcars. It works with an articulated system of bars that are fixed in the area of the trunk door. Bike rack Features and suggestions:

  • Can withstand up to 4 bikes
  • Better to use some protection between them to avoid scratches
  • The compulsory signal ling must be incorporated for vehicles to which the load is protruding.
  • It is advisable to dismantle it when it is not used
  • Bicycle/Bike Ball Racks:

Bicycle/Bike Ball Racks:

They consist of a platform that is mounted on the rear hitch of the car known as "ball". It stands out for its comfort when it comes to putting on and taking off bicycles and for its good aerodynamic condition. They usually include the rear lights of the vehicle and the license chainring. It is advisable to dismantle it when it is not used as it hinders the operation of parking the vehicle. They also have a system that allows to open the trunk door despite carrying the carrier loaded.


In addition to these carriers there are others that adapt specifically to vehicles such as 4 * 4, Vans , motorhomes, caravans... All of them allow bicycles to be transported outside the vehicle without taking up space.

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