Bike Wall Storage/ Bicycle Stands - Exposure

Thanks to the storage and exposure/stand stand s that you can find within the category bicycle racks, you can safely store your bike by taking up the minimum space. In this way the bicycles will not be a nuisance in the garage or in the room destined for that purpose.

Inside the storage supports and exhibition we can find:

  • One-or two-bike stands
  • Ceiling Stands
  • Exposure stands
  • Vertical stands

For which space ceases to be a problem find the bike storage support that best meets your chances. In CoreBicycle we have the best brands, for example: Topeak, Saris, Gear Up, Cinelli, SeaSucker, TorTec, Tacx...

Do you want to buy the best bike storage supports online cheaper and with discounts?

Steel GPA Bike Stand

Notable for being very little bulky but have at the same time a very good stability. Total wheel Support: 26 ", 27.5 ", 650 B, 700.

Wall Support FEEDBACK SPORT Wall 2d

Reduce the space your bike anchoring to the wall:D It can also withstand a weight of up to 22 kg.

  • Saris The Boss Designer Single Bike Stand
  • Saris Bike Bunk Wall Storage Rack
  • Minoura Gravity Storage Stand
  • Topeak Swing-up Ex Hook
  • Saris Parking Bike Dock
  • Saris The Show Off Illuminated Designer Bike Stand
  • Topeak Flash Stand
  • Park Handlebar Holder
  • Shimano Pro Cycle Stand
  • Minoura Bikehanger 4
  • Saris Mighty Mite 6 Bike Parking Rack
  • Bike Storage Rack Wall Mount Fold Away Bikes
  • Cyclestore 6 Bike Pro Wall Hanging Rack
  • Gear Up Rack And Roll - Single Bike Display Stand
  • Gear Up Crank-it-up Stand Single Bike Stand
  • Gearup Oakrak Floor-to-ceiling / 4-bike Rack - Walnut
  • Gearup Oakrak Freestanding / 4-bike Rack - Walnut
  • Park Tool ES1 - event stand
  • Gear Up Platinum wheel storage wall rack
  • Gear Up Six-on-the-Floor 6-bike holder with accessory bar
  • Gear Up Off-the-door Single Bike Vertical Rack
  • Gear Up Off-the-Wall 1-bike Vertical rack
  • Gear Up Up-and-Away Hoist system 50 lb capacity
  • Gear Up Off-the-Wall -bike Horizontal rack
  • Gear Up Platinum Horizontal 1-bike Adjustable Wall Rack
  • Gear Up Up-and-Away Deluxe Hoist system with accessory straps (100 lb capacity)
  • Cyclestore 5 Bike Storage Rack Half Price Offer
  • Saris Parking Cycle Glide Bike Add On
  • Saris Parking Cycle Glide Ceiling Mount Storage Rack
  • Gear up Kit for extra bikes (Add Bikes) for Platinum Freestanding Rack
  • Gear Up Platinum Wheel Storage Wall Rack
  • Gear Up Lean Machine gravity rack
  • Gear Up Platinum Steel -bike Freestanding rack
  • Gear Up Platinum Steel -bike Gravity Stand
  • Topeak Two Up The Third Hook (Upper)
  • Topeak Two Up The Third Hook (Lower)
  • Gear Up Grandstand single bike floor stand
  • Gear Up Four-on-the-floor Folding 4 Bike Holder
  • Gear Up Extra Bike Kit (for Floor-to-ceiling And Freestanding Oakracks)
  • Gear Up Extra bike kit (for BUA aluminium racks)
  • Gear Up Off-the-wall -bike Vertical Rack
  • Gear Up Oakrak Floor-to-ceiling To 4-bike Rack
  • Gear Up OakRak Freestanding to 4-bike rack
  • Gear Up Bua Aluminium Floor-to-ceiling To 4-bike Rack
  • Delta Wall Mount Leonardo
  • Topeak Ride Up Stand
  • Topeak Flashstand Slim
  • Topeak Flashstand
  • Topeak One Up Bike Holder
  • Topeak Ride Up Bike Stand
  • Minoura DS520 Display Stand
  • Topeak Dual Touch Upper Stand
  • Topeak Dual Touch Lower Stand
  • Topeak Two Up Stand
  • Topeak Line-up Stand - Silver
  • Topeak Flash Stand Slim
  • Topeak Mountain Bike Flash Stand Adjustable
  • Topeak Flash Stand
  • Topeak Dual Touch Bike Stand
  • Minoura Bike Hanger 4
  • Evoc Aluminium Road Bike Stand
  • Feedback Sports Rakk Bicycle Display System | Black
  • FWE Single Bike Storage Hook - Black
  • Feedback Sports Velo Wall Post - Black
  • Feedback Sports Velo Hinge - Black
  • Feedback Sports Velo Column - Silver
  • Feedback Sports Velo Cache Wall Mount - Black
  • Feedback Sports Soportes de bicicletas
  • Feedback Sports Rakk Bicycle Display System - White

Bicycle Wall mount MOTTEZ 6 bikes

This bicycle wall mount that presents the Mottez brand has a capacity of up to 6 bicycles. In this model of support, the bicycles will be fastened by the wheel using a hook with a tyre so that this does not produce scratches. This support has other hooks to hold the anti-theft chains.

To prevent this support from rusting, it has been made with high-strength galvanized steel.


Vertical support for hanging bikes SUPER B

The new aluminium Super B Vertical support model allows you to hold two bikes safely and comfortably. This bike stand is the perfect model if the problem is in lack of space.

The vertical stand Super B is fixed on the floor and ceiling by a telescopic structure and has a maximum height of 3.20 meters.


Wall Mount MOTTEZ bikes

The Mottez brand introduces us to its new model of bicycle wall support. This model allows to hold two bicycles parallel to the ground. This support is very easy to place as only 4 screws and pins are needed (not included). In addition, this support guarantees maximum safety for the bicycle as the surface in contact with the frames is PVC-coated.


Wall Mount MOTTEZ 5 Bikes

The wall support with capacity for 5 bicycles has been released by the prestigious brand Mottez. The bicycles will be fastened by the wheels by means of hooks with a protective tyre, so that they have a great protection without scratches.

This wall mount can tolerate a maximum weight of 75 kg.


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