Arm/Leg warmers - thermo & rain protectors for arms and legs

Arm/Leg warmers - thermo & rain protectors for arms and legs

The arm and leg warmers are the ideal garment to use those days in which there is a remarkable oscillation or thermal amplitude. Those days when the temperature is cold in the morning but during the central hours the sun and heat squeeze.

Leg warmers

The leg loop s are used to tyre the legs as a complement to the short shorts. There are mainly two types of leg loops:

  • ¾ legs warmers or pirates: they tyre from the thigh to the twins. Its main function is to tyre the delicate area of the knee avoiding that the cold can cause ailments in the joint. They are used in times of little intense cold.
  • longleg legs warmers: They tyre from the thigh to the ankles, acting as a long bib, protecting all the muscles and joints of the legs from the cold.

Arm Warmers

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The sleeves are the clothing / sport wear that are used to cover the arms. They act as a complement to the short-sleeved jersey and prevent the cold in the arms during the coldest hours.

The great advantage of Arm and leg warmers s is the ease of laying and removing. In a few seconds you can go from going to dress up for the cold to dress up with the short summer outfit. They also occupy very little space so they are perfect to store in any of the back pockets of the jersey when the temperature is more pleasant.

Arm and leg warmers are made of synthetic fabrics such as Polyester, LYCRA or spandex for the most part. Thanks to these fabrics, a good protection of the cold and the wind is achieved at the same time that a good perspiration and comfort is achieved, as well as a perfect adjustment of the garment to the body to improve the cyclist's aerodynamics.

Currently, with the emergence of the compression tissues, the leg-warmers have joined new technologies and some models also incorporate compression tissues to improve the performances and performance of cyclists.

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