Are you going to compete or just want to enjoy the gravity modalities of mountain bike (DH / Downhill, Enduro, Freeride or All Mountain)?. Shimano introduces the new MTB shoes for the 2017/2018 season with / without cleats AM901, AM701, GR900, GR700 and GR700 for women. Maximum grip, balance and stability without leaving comfort.


Below we present the new models of cycling shoes (for flat and automatic pedal) for MTB / MTB cycling modalities.

Shimano AM901 2017/2018 Cycling Shoes - for clipless pedal

AM901 cycling shoes are the new model of Shimano designed by cyclists for cyclists. This new MTB footwear has been thought to be used in the most gravity modalities of mountain biking, especially Downhill / DH and Enduro.


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Zapatillas automáticas/pedal automático/con calas para Enduro/Descenso/Freeride Shimano Am901

The sole of this shoe is made with rubber with the aim of offering better grip and traction when pedaling and walking. In the sole we find a channel behind the cove that will ensure a stable connection with the pedal.

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Calzado Shimano AM900/AM9 para Enduro, Freeride

Shimano AM901 shoes feature an instep with a new design that will increase the riders' comfort as it will prevent water from penetrating to the feet. In addition, thanks to new internal airflows, it has also accelerated sweat drying time.

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Zapatillas Shimano AM9 - AM900 con calas para Enduro/Descenso

MTB cycling shoes with cleats Shimano AM701 2017/2018 - enduro / downhill

The new footwear AM701 has been designed for clipless pedals and it is a light weight model (Just 408 grams).

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Shimano AM701/AM7 con calas para enduro, descenso y freeride

The main difference between the model AM9 and AM7 is that the latter do not have the protective tab of the instep and the adjustment system is based on a cord and a velcro band. The neoprene ankle offers extra protection and foot adjustment to the shoes.

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Compra en CoreBicycle las nuevas zapatillas automáticas Shimano AM7/AM701

About the sole, the AM701 model has a level 6 of rigidity, giving us a better estability.

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calzado con calas/SPD Shimano AM7/AM701 para gravity

Shimano GR900 Flat Pedal for Mountain Biking / Gravity

This model of light footwear is considered the TOP of the range of Shimano cycling shoes. Even so, many of the benefits found in AM901 have also been incorporated into GR9. Some of these features are: the asymmetrical ankle collar and the molded toe protections.


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calzado de plataforma para ciclismo gravity - Shimano GR900

The cycling shoe Shimano GR9 has a perfect match with the Flat pedal Saint M828 model.

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The mind different point between the AM9 model and the GR900 model is the sole material; The sole has been build with Michelin rubber giving to the rider an excelent performan walking and having grip over the pedal.

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zapatillas de plataforma Shimano GR9, un modelo de zapatillas muy cómodas durante el pedaleo

MTB Cycling shoes for flat pedal Shimano GR700 – without cleats

As the above model, this model has an especial care with the footwear aerodinamic shape; it give to the shoes a better look. Shimano has eliminated the upper feet protecction in this model.

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En el Buscador de CoreBicycle encontrarás las nuevas zpatillas para Enduro / Descenso GR7 al mejor precio

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Calzado Enduro/Descenso/Freeride Shimano GR7 sin calas

The Shimano GR7 model is also available in women size.

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calzado para ciclismo de MTB gravity para mujeres GR700

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zapatillas de enduro / descenso para mujeres - Shimano GR7


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