The "Tubeless Nube" protection is a novel system that aims to revolutionize the world of mountain biking. Its use is unique in TubeLess systems and reduces to the minimum expression the possibility of puncture the tire. The rider should only place it on his wheels and forget the inopportune rims-shocks.


It does not affect at all in the behavior of the bicycle; indeed, in narrow areas adds a point of stability. It is recommended for all BTT modalities; XC, Marathon, All Mountain, but where more benefit can be taken out is Enduro, DH and Freeride.

How the Nube Tubeless works in your bicycle?

It is a hard-foam circumference that is placed between the cover and the rim, just like an air chamber. The Nube Tubeless acts quickly and safely. In case of suffering a tire, it absorbs the energy of the impact of the cover, avoiding that it hits the tire. Therefore, it is an ideal option to complement the wheels with anti-puncture system since in other drilling situations the liquid is sufficient.

Once retired, the inside of the tire must be filled with the sealing liquid. Besides, it has a space in the area of the valve so that it is not clogged and can swell equally.

Nube Tubeless: featured

It is manufactured with a very light and compact material, being its weight around 60 and 80 grams. Thus, in the competitions of mountain biking performs well and does not penalize the acceleration of the bicycle.

Another one of its arguments resides in that to avoid the rimings the cyclist can afford to reduce the pressure of his tires. This improves the grip of the deck on demanding terrain.

In addition, a great advantage lies in the fact that it is a hard compound. In case of cracking the cover you can remain without pressure (extra precautions) because the Cloud maintains a stable volume.

Excellent relation between quality, price and durability. An accessory that has a lifespan of one year or more depending on the use and discipline of MTB.

Important Note: the tire pressure must be checked frequently; The cloud system always maintains a hard surface but that does not mean that there is enough air inside.

Valve clip is included for comfortable inflation.

Medidas disponibles:

  • 30 mm: perfect for cyclo cross modality.
  • 40 mm: for XC or All mountain
  • 50 mm: for agressive Enduro, DH and special PLUS wheels.
  • 60 mm (still not availables): for 27,5 Plus and E-bikes wheels.
  • 75 mm: ideal for Fat Bike.